Calendar 2017

14th January   Fish and chip Run          Triumph Sports Owners Ass

4th March          Fluffy Duck Rally           Australian Historic Rally Group

7th May              Euro Day                             MG Hunter

Euro Day 2017

With bad weather playuing the organizing club, MG Car Club Hunter region, this year’s Euro Day was held at the McDonald Jones Stardom instead of Lambton Park. It is a difficult thing to stage a car show on a hard surface like a car park, it always feels like you at the local shopping centre all be it back in time. A good number of cars and clubs showed up to put their cars on display but it was hard to say whether numbers were up or down on previse years.

Yellow Duck Motorsport was represented by a TR7 Sprint, which was a late decision as the MK I 2500 originally planned had a mechanical problem the day before, that meant the Display trailer also had to stay at home.

Jim Pope

The TR7 at the 2017 Euro Day


10th June           Des West Classic          Australian Historic Rally Group

15th  July             Newcastle All British Day  Jag Drivers Club Hunter

27th August         Sydney All British Day plus TSOA Concourse

All British Day 2017

A fine winter’s day greeted participants forthis years All British Day, but numbers seemed to be down on passed years. Unlike last year clubs didn’t seem to go to very much effort to put on a display it was more like a car park than a display day. Having said that there was still a lot of great British cars parked all over the football field of King School to admirer.

Yellow Duck Motorsport was represented by aTriumph MK I Sedan parked amongst the Triumph Sports Owners Association Display.

Jim Pope

The MK I parked with the other Triumphs


2nd September Heart of the Hunter  Australian Historic Rally Group

Heart of the Hunter Historic Rally 2017

A large field of around 35 historic rally cars gathered at Freemans Waterholes, for the start of this years Heart of the Hunter Historic Rally organized by the Australian Historic Rally Group. A large cross section of cars entered the event, everything from BMW’s to Fiat’s to Alfa’s plus Datsun’s, Toyota’s and a whole lot more.

The rally route took competitors north through Clarence town, then on to Dungog for lunch and eventually to the Potters brewery and the finish near Cessnock.

Yellow Duck Motorsport did not compete this year but was represented by Jim Pope filming the cars go by.

Check out AHRG’s web site to more details and results (see Links page)

Jim Pope
The MK I at the start of The Heart of the Hunter


19th/20th/21st October Black Stump Rally

4th November  November 200 Rally         Australian Historic Rally Group
MK I at the November 200 Rally

2nd December  Christmas Run              Australian Historic Rally Group