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29th January, Track Day, Pheasant Wood.

January 2022, All Historic Racing, Track Day, Pheasant Wood Circuit. A Health size field of Historic racing cars and bikes gathered at Pheasant Wood for a track day event on Saturday the 29th of January 2022.  A good cross section of makes and modals were represented from Bugatti to Riley and lots more were on the track making noise. The Pheasant Wood Circuit is located about 20 KM (give or take) north of Goulburn in the southern highlands of NSW near Marulan, Australia. It is a tight little club level motorsport track with good amenities and well run and maintained by the owners, who have plans to extend the track soon. Everyone was divided into groups of similar types before each group had its time on the track. The sights and sounds of history then thundered around the track like moving history. Later in the year on the 9-10-11 of September 2022 Pheasant Wood will be hosting a meeting for All Historic Racing which should be a great sight of history in motion.

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Jim Pope

The Triumph MK I at Pheasant Wood.  


17th, 18th, 19th February, Tour North, Historic Rally Club

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The Old MK I at the start.

6th March, Minis Down Under, Mini Car Club

Minis Down Under March 2022.

Celebrating 60 years of Minis in Australia this event gathered a large number of Minis in one place at one time. Rosehill Racecourse proved to be an ideal venue for the biggest number of Minis seen in one place for a very long time. With the weather not cooperating Rosehill Racecourse turned out to be ideal as it was all under cover. Due to the virus the event had been postponed a number of times meaning it was one year late but it still turned out to be an outstanding event. Minis of all types were on display, everything from Mini 850’s to Mini Cooper S’s and everything in between. Not to mention BMW Mini’s. A Group C race car, an Appendix J race car and a replica of the Bathurst winning car were the high lights for me. The Mini Car Club should be very proud of this event and the organizers should be congratulated.

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Jim Pope

12th March, Hawks Nest car show, Tea Gardens. – Cancelled, Flooding.

19th March, Fluffy Duck Rally, AHRG – Postponed, bad weather.

27th March to 2nd April, Classic Outback Trial, Parks, Orange, Bathurst

Survey to Coffs Harbour for Rally Roads to Raleigh

Australian Historic Rally Group, Rally Roads to Raleigh, 2022

Survey Report

I just got back from surveying the route and, ‘my goodness what an adventure.’ Starting at Raymond Terrace the route travels through Karuah, Bulahdelah, Gloucester, Nowendoc, Walcha, Uralla and Armidale for an overnight stop. 

The second day follows a route through Ebor, Dorrigo, Ulong, Coramba, Coffs Harbour and Sawtell for another overnight stop. Day three will be at Raleigh Raceway for some laps of the track.

Starting at Kloster Ford, Raymond Terrace the route follows the freeway to Karuah and then the first of many km’s of dirt road. From Bulahdelah to Gloucester is mostly on dirt road, so far the dirt roads were in good condition except for the odd pot hole here and there but it did get a bit bony towards the end.

From Gloucester its up the Thunderbolt Way to Nowendoc, it started to rain at Gloucester and would rain for the rest of the weekend. I had never driven along this road and my goodness it is steep, the poor old Triumph was down to third gear for many km’s. As I climbed higher the poor old Triumph became very asthmatic, it was like me if I tried to run the hundred metres. From Nowendoc to Walcha the road was mostly dirt, very typical high country roads, smooth and fast. With the rain and low cloud which was like driving in fog.

Way back in the distant past (late 70’s I think) I competed in a rally in Armidale driving a Mini Cooper S and these roads reminded me of that event. We failed to finish, stuck in the middle of a creek, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of winter, in the middle of the night. I remember trying to start the Mini in the pitch black night and the engine bay lighting up with sparks bouncing all over the place. The story of my rallying life.  (Go to The Adventures of a Rally Driver for more) At Walcha I stoped to visit an old school friend who as it happens navigated for me in that Armidale event.

From Walcha it was through Uralla and on to Armidale and the welcome sight of the Motel. The Motel I stayed at was the Moore Park Inn which is about 5km’s out of Armidale. The rooms are typical motel rooms, there is a restaurant but I did not try it (restaurants are not really my thing), it was very quiet and picturesque as the motel is located in sheep paddocks.

After settling in to the Motel I drove into Armidale to find something to eat, all I could find was Kentucky Chicken, the last time I had Kentucky Chicken would have been during my last road trip, it would have to do. I came back from buying the chicken, got in the car, started it, turned on the head lights, but no head lights. (For the story about this go to Break Down Story number 18.)

Now if we go back to the Even Green Rally the same problem happened then, which turned out to be the switch. Head light switches for old MK I Triumphs are no longer available so I rewired the lights through another switch that I think was for a rear heated window. This had long ago stoped working so no great loss. To make sure I didn’t over power the switch I wired it through a relay and all has been good since.

Luckily the car was parked under a street light but it was raining so I gave up on trying to find the problem and just hot wired the lights. This involved taking a head light out, running a wire from power to the head light and then gaffa taping the light back in place. By the time I got back to the Motel the chicken was cold and I was a bit wet.

Day two started out fine but the rain soon started to fall. The route took me towards Dorrigo but not on the main road, mostly bitumen with some dirt before rejoining the main road near Ebor. Somewhere near here was where I got stuck in the middle of a creek, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of winter, in the middle of the night all those years ago.

Only a few km’s on the main road before a SO towards Grafton. This road eventually took me into the back of Dorrigo. A quick trip to the Dorrigo lookout to admire the view over the Bellingen Valley but all I could see was about two metres due to the cloud.

Back into Dorrigo and the route took me towards Ulong, Coramba and Coffs Harbour. After a few km’s of bitumen road I turned onto a road that was used in many rallies back in time, in fact I rallied on this road in I think the early 80’s. Driving a Leyland Marina I, ‘wait for it, wait for it,’  got stuck in the middle of a creek, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of winter, in the middle of the night.

I started Cautioning the hairpin bends but soon relied that this road is nothing but hairpin bends so I renamed it, ‘the road of a thousand bends’.

This road is very narrow with a lot of blind bends and I invented a new game to play while driving along this road, call ‘dodge the pot hole’. There is no avoiding these pot holes, you can’t straddle them, you can’t drive around them, you have to drive through them. At one point I was travelling at walking pace driving through some pot holes and it was like someone was jacking the car up in each corner in turn.

Once past Ulong the road became bitumen, which it wasn’t way back, but it is still very windy. Eventually coming into the back of Coffs Harbour and on to the Motel at Sawtell. This Motel is the one we stayed at last time, Sawtell Motor Inn and is pretty good as Motels go. Both Motels I stayed at have not watched the ‘how to manage a Motel instructional video called, Faulty Towers. So the service was quite good.

As I drove out of Armidale all the Motels I pasted had ‘No Vacancy’ signs out and the Motel in Sawtell indicated that we would need to book soon, so if you’re planning to come along to this event it might be a good idea to book soon.

The next day was a bit of a free day, I drove down to Raleigh Raceway to write a route chart so everyone can find their way there. I visited another old school friend and drove along the road where I lived in the 70’s. My goodness I wish I had inherited my parent’s property as it is covered in houses now.

The last day of this road trip was spent grinding away the km’s on the freeway from Coffs Harbour to Gosford in the poor old Triumph. Now it’s just a matter of writing up the route chart, hopefully I will be able to read my own writing. And I will have to fix those head lights before the event.

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Jim Pope     

The MK I at a lookout near Gloucester on day one.

13th 14th 15th May, Rally Roads to Raleigh, Raleigh Raceway, AHRG

Rally Roads to Raleigh 2022

Rain greeted the small field of six who turned out for the start at Raymond Terrace of the 2022 Rally Roads to Raleigh. The route travelled through Karuah, Bulahdelah, Gloucester, Nowendoc, Walcha, Uralla and Armidale for an overnight stop. 

The second day followed a route through Ebor, Dorrigo, Ulong, Coramba, Coffs Harbour and Sawtell for another overnight stop. Day three was a day at Raleigh Raceway for some laps of the track.

Dirt road made up a good percentage of the first day with dirt road after Karuah and again between Bulahdelah and Gloucester and Nowendoc and Walcha. The rain made some of the roads a bit greasy but for the most part they were in good condition except for some pot hole here and there. The Thunderbolt Way was a very steep road with all the crews having to change down gears to get up it. Low cloud or was it fog made visibility a bit of a problem along the Thunderbolt Way. All crews arrived at the overnight Motel without problems but the cars were a bit dirty thanks to all the dirt road.

Fine weather greeted the crews for the start of day two but it would not last long as not that far out of Armidale it started to rain again. Only a small amount of dirt road between Armidale and Ebor where some crews stoped to look at the Ebor Falls before continuing on the Dorrigo. Some of the roads between Ebor and Dorrigo had broken up badly since the route was surveyed. At Dorrigo the crews stoped at the Dorrigo lookout to look at the view out over the Bellingen Valley and as luck would have it the weather broke for the time they were there with some short lived blue sky. From Dorrigo two of the crews took the safe route through Bellingen, one with an alternator problem and the other just fancied lunch in Bellingen. The other four crews took on the challenge of the ‘road of a thousand bends’ that took crews past Ulong, through Coramba and on to Coffs Harbour and then to the overnight stop at Sawtell.

Day three dawned fine as crews travelled the short distance to Raleigh Raceway for laps of the track. The last two years of rain and floods had taken their toll on Raleigh Raceway with the track surface breaking up in many places. The track owners had placed barriers on the track over the areas where the track had broken up which tightened up some of the corners. With double entries and three more cars travelling via the freeway to the track, this brought the total number of drivers to eleven.  With such a small field there was plenty of track time for all the competitors. Due to the wet weather the original plan of both laps of the track and laps of the rally sprint track had to abandoned and so only laps of the track were possible.

So ended Rally Roads to Raleigh.

Jim Pope

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Below, the MK I at Armidale

19th June, Des West Rally, AHRG

Des West Memorial Rally 2022

Organized by the Australian Historic Rally Group the event starting at Motto Farm Motel, Heatherbrae the competitors travelled via Willamtown, Karuah, Booral and on to Dungog for Lunch. After lunch crews continued via Wirragulla, Martins Creek, Tocal, Maitland Vale, Luskintyre and then on to the finish at Pokolpin. A field of thirteen or was it fourteen turned out for this 300 km (give or take a few km’s) event in overcast weather with rain clearing during the day. A good mix of classic cars was on hand including Triumph, Alfa Romeo, Escort, Volvo, Datsun and others. Most of the route was bitumen with only one section of dirt road near Karuah which was wet and muddy but other wise in good condition. Major road works near Luskintyre, which involved traffic lights, made for some delays and bunching of the field.

After a long break between events due to the virus and bad weather it was nice to get the classic car out for a drive around the Hunter Valley. The next event is the Heart of the Hunter in August.

Jim Pope

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26th June, Euro Motorfest, MG Car Club Hunter

Euro Day 2022

It’s been a few years since the last Euro Day due to bad weather and the virus so it was great to be back at the Foreshore Park on a sunny winter’s day to walk around looking at all the classic cars on display. A good cross section of European Classic Car were on show including cars from, France, Briton, Italy, Sweden, Germany and others. Some exotic super cars like Ferrari and Mclaren were on display with some very nice Magnum Ferrari’s that men of a certain age would have been drooling over. The MG Car Club Hunter Region should be congratulated for putting of a well organized event, looking forward to next year.

Jim Pope

The Triumph 2500 MK I at the Euro Day

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23rd 24th July, Taree Rally, AMSAG, Cancelled.

24th July, All Ford Day

30th July, Newcastle All British Day, Jaguar Drivers Club Hunter

7th August, All Holden Day

14th August, Shannons Eastern Creek

20th August, Heart of the Hunter, AHRG

11th September, All British Day, Sydney, Kings School

9th, 10th & 11th September, All Historic Racing, Pheasant Wood

2nd October, Toyota Fest.

8th October, Walcha Rally, AMSAG

16th October, Ever Green Rally, AHRG

5th November to 27th November, Coffs Coast Festival of Motorsport. www.coffscoastmotorsport.com

26th November, Christmas Run, AHRG

1st to 4th December,  Alpine Rally, Historic Rally Association, Vic