Break Down Story Number 8

Break Down Story Number 8.

The Rear Wheel Bearing

On a rare trip to Sydney in the early 80’s our Triumph MK I 2000 collapsed a rear wheel bearing. We were about 30 Km’s north of Taree and the rear wheel was locked solid.

So – after hitching a ride to the nearest phone (about 6 km) at Johns River we arranged a tow truck to take us to Taree.

Taree on a wet Friday evening did not present a hopeful picture – how wrong I was!!!

1. The motel owner insisted on arranging security surveillance as the car was parked in a nearby side street! Good start.

2. Saturday morning – still raining – visit the NRMA agent (Holden Dealership). Can’t fix it, but get it around into the workshop and have a go at it – hang on – this is a huge fully equipped service centre!!! OK. The Triumph consented to move – slowly – and nestled into a ‘Holden” workshop!!

3. While dismantling the rear wheel assembly a friendly mechanic strolled over, can I help, he said – so without further ado – the bearing assembly was out and in the press!! Wow!!.

4. Better take the truck and go get a new bearing said the mechanic. (I later found out he was the workshop foreman) So, down to the local bearing supplier – Triumph!! Err, don’t think so – hang on he says and carefully checks the bearings numbers – ada! – One from a Holden and the other from a Toyota – the same numbers!!! Wow again.

5. Back at the workshop the mechanic has the housing apart and the whole thing was back together, licketty split!!

6. Now comes the good bit (can it get any better?) First the mechanic – Bob I think – absolutely refused any money !!! wow again ! ( he did accept a box of ale tho!!!) Then to the management _ ah! what did you use? (nobody checked!!) – Oh $10.00 should cover it – wow I knew I was in heaven (Taree kind) so whenever in Taree spare a wave to the Holden Dealership and the people in general.

We did get to Sydney without any further dramas and the Triumph served faithfully until replaced by a Landrover!!! (we did live in 4WD country)

So ended another break down adventure.

Ron Pope