Old Motorsport

Marina at Grafton Rally 1984, filmed with old VHS camera, sorry about the quality. The Grafton Rally 1984 started with a day light section using Mountain View Hillclimb as well as the access roads. I was driving the two door Marina. Check out the Adventures of a Rally Driver page for the full story about this event. Also have a look at the video of the full field, on this page.

Fairbairn Hillclimb 1990
This event was part of the Triumph Sports Owners Ass National Meeting 1990. Off the four runs during the day I only managed one run without spinning. Sorry about the poor quality video.

Eastern Creek 2002
The Rally Dolly was running on 205 60 13 tyres fitted to 13 x 6 Superlite wheels and what a difference they made, I could never go back to standard wheel and tyres.

Amaroo Park
Ron was driving the Cooper S and I was driving the Rally Dolly, it was Ron’s first Super Sprint and the first time driving a Mini in anger. The Mini was a very quick car of the mark and he took some catching before he let me passed. I can say that I have spun at every venue that I have competed at, except Catalina.
Sorry about the poor quality video.

Wakefield Park 1994
Filmed with old Betta camera.Driver training day at Wakefield Park. I spent the day changing things on the Rally Dolly, hence the different coloured tape on the driving light and the different things the Dolly would do eg; lots of oversteer or lots of understeer. By the end of the day the Dolly was back to the way it started except for tyres. Fitting 205 60 13 tyres on 6 x 13 inch rims made a big difference to the point where I could never go back to standard wheels and tyres.

Oran Park 1993 Run I
The first event for the blue MK I, we didn’t want to bugger the nice new tyres so we fitted very old tyres for the event, the car was all over the place so we fitted the new tyres and it was much improved.

Oran Park 1993 Run II
Never spun the Rally Dolly at Oran Park (but I did spin the Cooper S twice) but I tried hard.

AHRG Rally Section I
Not shore of the year but I think 1993, the section was near Cessnock.

AHRG Rally Section II
My first time at Awaba, the rally used the whole venue. The Rally Dolly was a bit too low and the tyres were hitting the guards.

Eastern Creek (Mini Club)
This is a great example of bad driving, over driving. The Rally Dolly was still on standard wheels and tyre and was understeering and I was pushing too hard. The Toyota in front of me spins which made for some excitement.

Eastern Creek (Mini Club)
More bad driving, tried to go through turn seven flat in third gear and did not make it, this would be my fastest spin I have ever had and put one hell of a flat spot on one of the tyres. A few months later I would be defected for a bald tyre as by a stroke of bad luck when I stopped the bald patch (on another wise legal tyre) was in plan site for the police man to see.

Grafton Rally 1984
Filmed with old VHS camera so sorry about the poor quality. This is the whole field of cars, when rallies were real rallies. After this section competitors headed out into the forest for the night sections. Check out the Adventures of a Rally Driver page for a report on this event. Part I

Grafton Rally 1984 Part II

Khanacross at Awabawac Park

Old MG Spring Rally