No Matter What

‘No Matter What’ is an adventure romance following the adventures of Paul, a mild mannered Public Servant who finds himself thrown in the deep end and having to learn to swim very quickly. The story follows our hero as he deals with many things totally outside his skill set while balancing the need to do the right thing even if that means doing the wrong thing. While he struggles with all that he has an unlikely romance.

This book covers a number of themes, romance, duty, love, commitment, determination and sacrifice. All tired together in a rocking good story of adventure and romance.

This is the first book written by Jim Pope who comes from a film making back ground so most of his writing up until now has been film scripts and event reports as well as many break down stories.

Jim Pope is heavily involved in the car club movement and owns a number of old Triumph cars. He has also competed in many motorsport events as well as organizing events.

He is a retired Public Servant and lives on the Central Coast of NSW Australia.

I first met Jim Pope during the making of the cult film, ‘Vita’ and we have remained friends ever since, going on to collaborate on many film projects. I count him as a close friend.

Quack McMallard

No Matter What, Chapter 1.

No Matter What, Chapter 2.

No Matter What, Chapter 3.

No Matter What, Chapter 4.

No Matter What, Chapter 5.

No Matter What, Chapter 6.

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No Matter What, Final Chapter,