Day Five

Southern Cross Daily Reports

Day 5. (Thursday 17th November, Coffs Harbour)

My goodness Coffs Harbour has changed since the 70’s.Houses as far as you can see, new roads, less bananas, it’s a different place. Today the event took us south of Coffs to Raleigh Raceway for a closed road stage.The last time I was there it was just a cow paddock and a dream in someone’s mind.

img_0003The Cooper S at what would become Raleigh Raceway

On the way we passed Pine Brush State Forrest where we did a passage control in the Southern Cross as well as a control in a Coffs Harbour Rally. I also crashed into a tree driving the Cooper S playing at being a rally driver. The Dolly’s exhaust problem cannot be fixed on the side of the road so we will have to live with it. Raleigh Raceway was great fun, it was not a run around the circuit, it was a Rally sprint type section using the circuit and other roads. There was one TVHR (turn very hard right) which we managed to do a Scandinavian flick and go around beautifully.

We also checked out the WRC cars plus many otherson display in Coffs. We were not selected for the display as there was not enough room. There were some very nice cars to look at and lots of razzmatazz.

dsc_1358The Dolly contesting a Khanacross

Geoff and Jon had a good day, they were selected for the display as the Fiat competed in the Southern Cross back in the 70’s.

Rod and Karen reported no problems and had a good day.

Results after day 5 seesno change in the leader board from yesterday. In the AHRG Darby, Geoff/Jon still lead from Jim/Peter and Rod/Karen.

Jim Pope