Day Four

Southern Cross Daily Reports

Day 4. (Wednesday 16th November, Kempsey to Coffs Harbour)

Day four we found ourselves in Kempsey. I have fond memories of Kempsey as I got my best ever Rally result in the Kempsey Rally in 1981 Driving a Leyland Marina; we finished 12th outright.

scan0159The Marina 1981 Kempsey Rally

I also broke down in Kempsey, with a broken diff in a Triumph 2500, but that is another story. From Kempsey we headed north back to Tamban forest for two closed road stages, which were a bit rough.

Then not too far to Eungai for a Khanacross section and lunch at Taylors Arm.

dsc_1356The Dolly at the Khanacross

After lunch we headed to Gordonville Ford near Bellingen. Gordonville Ford was a popular spectator point in the Southern Cross, I can remember watching the cars trying to get across the Bellingen river. We did not get there as the Dolly has developed a exhaust leak so we headed to Coffs for repairs but it is not a repair that can be done on the road so we will have to live with it. The tough part of the event is over I think, things get a bit easier from here.

dsc_1349Geoff Thamas at the Khanacross

Geoff and Jon had a good day without problems

Rod and Karen also enjoyed a good day

Results after day 4 see Mark Pickering/Dave Boddy driving a 240Z leading from Geoff Thomas/Jon Dickson in their Fiat. In the AHRG Darby, Geoff/Jon lead from Jim/Peter and Rod/Karen.

Jim Pope