Calendar 2023

25th February, Rally Retro Festival, HRA, Vic

4th March, Taree Rally, AMSAG

18th March, Fluffy Duck Rally, AHRG.

17th -19th March, 100 Years of Triumph, TSOA, Bathurst

100 years of Triumph, Bathurst 2023

Day 1. Friday 17th March

Left home around eight in the morning driving my old Triumph 2500 MK I heading towards Bathurst but I had stops along the way. I had an interview to do along the way, with Geoff about his Nissan Godzilla Targa rally car, Geoff lives in the Blue Mountains so it was on my way. My route would take me through Wiseman’s Ferry, Windsor and then the Blue Mountains and on to Bathurst. The Navman did not want me to go across Wiseman’s Ferry, kept telling me to ‘do a U turn when its safe’, even as I sat waiting for the ferry, which amounts to may be 500 metres from Wiseman’s Ferry, it was telling me to turn around. To say it was hot would be understating it, it was hot, dam hot, old Triumphs are hot at the best of times but when added to the temperature of the day it was a hot trip. The poor old triumph got a bit asthmatic once we got up in altitude, hills that it would sail up normally now needed a gear change. I arrived at the Motel in the late afternoon but I had lots to do as I had used six cameras and three sound recorders that all had to be down loaded to a portable hard drive. Tomorrow I will be parking the poor old Triumph in the Main Street of Bathurst as part of the 100 years of Triumphs event. I was on the road for seven hours today, used $70.00 off petrol and travelled 285 km’s.

Jim Pope

Day 2. Saturday 18th March

Up early as I had to be in the Main Street of Bathurst by 8.20 in the morning but it was not a problem as I don’t sleep well at Motels. The organizers had a complicated system to get the over 100 cars in there allotted location, but it all went well. The cars were parked in groups as per there model, so I was parked with five other MK I’s next to the 2500 MK II’s. With the car parked with the other Triumphs I wondered around with a video camera filming all the cars. I think the final number of Triumphs was 116 made up of most of the models, every thing from TR2’s to TR7’s as well as sedan’s, Dolomite’s and everything in between. Again it was very hot but the Park next to the street had large trees giving great shad. I interviewed Paul about his Triumph 2500 MK II Targa Rally car and talked to many Triumph owners about life owning a Triumph.

Jim Pope

Day 3. Sunday 19th March

Met up with all the Triumphs for a convoy around Mount Panorama Race Track. What a track, I would love to drive it in my Dolly as part of a motorsporting event but that is not going to happen. Mount Panorama is a public road for most of the year, I think it is used as a race track twice a year and parts of it are used for hillclimbs, come sprint events a few times a year as well. I could enter one of those events, I like the look of one of them which starts part the way along mountain straight and goes up through the cutting. It would of been fun to drive in convoy with so many Triumphs but with filming and stoping to pick up some cameras that I had left on the side of the road I ended up driving around by myself. Keeping to correct side of the road was a challenge as well as keeping to the speed limit of 60 kph. The car was covered with cameras, five in all, plus some I gave to other Triumph owners so I should have some good video. After the convoy we all headed to the National Motor Racing Museum to have a look around. Did not know what to expect as V8 Super Cars have taken over Australian Motor Racing and I have no interest in them but the museum had a good cross section of cars down through time. It was great to see some Touring cars from what for me was a golden era, Group A and Group C, when Touring cars were real Touring Cars. No Triumphs but I did not expect any, even though Triumphs did race in the Bathurst 1000 and before that the Bathurst 500. The Torana that one of the Dollies crashed into on the start line was there which sort of gave a Triumph connection. Triumph Dolomite Sprint’s, Triumph 2500 MK II’s and Triumph 2000 MK I’s all race at Bathurst at some time. There was a John Goss section with two Falcons, a Matich formula 5000 as well as a Jaguar. Peter Brock’s around Australia Commodore was there as well complete with battle damage. I remember looking through a book on the Bathurst Race and seeing some pictures of the start grid with some Triumph 2000’s starting in the top four, how quick are they I thought. What I did not know at that time was that the grid was selected by drawing numbers from a hat. After lunch I drove about half an hour out of Bathurst to interview Ray about his ‘T’ Model Ford, some thing I know nothing about. All in all an enjoyable day of Triumph activities. Lots of video to down load and cameras to charge in readiness for tomorrow.

Jim Pope

Day 4. Monday 20th March

The day started with a short drive out of Bathurst to interview Craig about his Datsun 180B Rally car which had competed in the London to Sydney Rally as well as one of the around Australia rallies. From there I headed home via the Bell’s Line of Road, Richmond, Windsor, Wiseman’s Ferry and then home. I will have a lot of editing to do with four interviews and reports on the Triumph Display, Convoy, National Motorsport Museum as well as videos on the trip up and back but this might have to take a bit of a back seat as I have a lot of car work to do on the poor old MK I that just has to be done. I was on the road for 8 hours today and travelled 315 km’s, not sure of how much petrol I used as I have not fill it yet.

Jim Pope

17th June, Des West Winter Classic, AHRG.

18th June, Euro Day, MG Car Club Hunter

12th August, Port Macquarie Rally, AMSAG

19th August, Heart of the Hunter, AHRG.

17th September, All British Day, Sydney

1st October, Walcha Rally, AMSAG

22nd October, Even Green Memorial, AHRG.

4th November, Black Prings Rally, AMSAG

25th November, Christmas Run, AHRG.