Day Seven

Southern Cross Daily Reports

Day 7. (Saturday 19th November, Coffs Harbour, end of Rally)

All over bar the shouting. Did a bit of spectating at Raleigh Raceway watching just how fast modern rally cars go plus the classic category and then back to Coffs for the Presentation Dinner at Sawtell Golf Club.

The Dolly at Coffs Harbour Jetty section
I have to say, its been an adventure.Its also be interesting to see just how much development has taken place all up the coast but specially around Coffs Harbour with so many more houses, roads, everything. The Dolly got us here and hopefully home again without to many problems, the exhaust is a bit noisy and the brake peddle is a bit long but we should be alright. Smoke did escape from the electrical wires under the dash but we could not find any problems, no burnt wires, nothing, everything is working so hopefully it well be alright. It is fair to say that I am feeling the effects of all that driving and climbing in and out of the Dolly. I have a big job ahead of me to edit all the video recorded over the last week but should make an interesting film. Unfortunately some of the film is not very good, eg the camera on the front of the Dolly shacks and is unwatchable and the camera between the seats does not show anything through the windscreen due to glare. There will be enough to make a film. At the presentation some film taken by officials was shown and the Dolly got some air time and I’m told that the Super Special was live to pubs etc.

Geoff and Jon received a trophy for finishing second and had a good event given the problems at the start.

Rod and Karen Piggott at Coffs Harbour Jetty section
Rod and Karen had a trouble free event and enjoyed the close competition with car number 33. (Jim Pope/Peter Liston)

Jim Pope